January 15th

I read somewhere recently that most people set their resolutions on January 15th each year. I found this really interesting as I always assumed it was something that people did at the very beginning of the year. I mean that’s what I do. But I kind of like waiting. I find that sometimes I set my goals so quickly and that I am busy with finishing up the holiday that I never start. Plus this year the 15th is a holiday weekend so that is a great few days to get them all set up. So that’s what I am going to do. I am going to sit down on January 15th and set up my goals.

After all you deserve great things and a great future. Don’t rush what you want to just say you set them up. Take the time to really get them right. So check back on January 15th to see what amazing things I want to accomplish this year.


Tortilla Soup

One of the things I love about living in Virginia is that we get all four seasons. More importantly short winters and longer summers. This weekend was definitely a full winter moment. I sit here and can see out my window about 6 inches of snow. But not just snow. More like a full layer of ice at the bottom. The roads are iced over and today we had a snow day. I mean I couldn’t have gone to work probably unless I was forced to as it is treacherous out there. I mean I live in a town where they own about 2 snow plows and never really learned how to use them. So I sit here in my house going on day three of being at home due to the snow.

Now don’t get my wrong as I stated before I like the winter weather and am glad that it starts late and ends early. I am even happy about sitting around for a few days sleeping in late and enjoying the lack of hustle and bustle. It’s been a pretty crazy few months. I mean there were the holidays, the wedding and the honeymoon. It was an amazing end to the year.

But being so busy has gotten me away from being in the kitchen. I mean I didn’t even get to any Christmas cookies. Now I did buy most of the ingredients so baking will occur in the future but I did miss the holiday baking season. But besides that I haven’t cooked dinner in what feels like a long time. Happy this weekend to get back to it.

Yesterday I started made tortilla soup. But first let me say how great slow cookers are. I mean they are amazing. They allow you literally just throw in your food. There is practically no chopping or in some cases even thawing involved. How great is that. Tossing in frozen chicken into dinner and then a few hours latter you stir it and the chicken just falls apart and is to die for.

That is the case with this recipe. You can change this up to meet your taste buds or what you have on hand already. I have corn, carrots and beans in this because I had a frozen bag of the mixed veggies so that is what went in. No point in buying something when pretty much anything in this recipe works.


What I tossed in –

Frozen bag of veggies (corn but whatever you have on hand)

4 chicken breasts

one small onion (coarsely chopped, just enough to break it up from being whole)

one can of salsa

peppers – I chopped them but honestly you can put them in whole an then they will soften for breaking up later

can of drained black beans (add pinto as well if you like those)

2 cups of chicken broth (I used one big box of them, it will look like a lot of liquid but as you break the chicken up as it cooks it will be fine)

seasonings – minced onion, garlic powder, taco seasoning, pepper, salt

I used hot salsa and peppers so I didn’t add any other hot sauce but if you didn’t then I would add it to heat likeness

Cooking –

cook in high and stir every so often. The chicken will break up as it cooks. Stir or put a fork through it to break it up.

Toppings – sour cream, cilantro and avocado, cheese (if you like although I don’t think it needs it), and pieces of tortilla chips for crunch

the sour cream and avocado create a creaminess that makes this oh so amazing!



This is amazing and you won’t believe how much it makes. It is perfect for freezing and pulling out for later. It will thaw pretty quickly as the chicken is shredded. I save sandwich size so it is perfect to take out in the morning and enjoy for lunch later that day.

Let me know what versions you make or how you like this.


Why Do Concerts Make You Feel So Warm?

This is the exact thing I was thinking Wednesday night when I was heading home after an amazing concert. I had just seen Collective Soul and the Goo-Goo Dolls.

I have to say it was an amazing concert.

I was sad to say that it wasn’t a packaged house. But that didn’t stop the bands from being great and really rocking it out.


I recently heard on the radio how going to concerts makes please very happy. And I couldn’t agree more. Who doesn’t love belting out song lyrics with the actual band themselves. Who doesn’t love thinking about how those songs have impacted you or how they remind you of memories that are forever tied together. Songs and life are many times so overlapping that they can’t happen outside of each other.


I am by no means a talented musician. I bought a violin after high school in hopes of learning but more than 15 years later it still sits in my closet not played by my tone deaf self. But somehow when you are sitting in a concert you just feel amazing.

That’s why I love concerts. And I love the way they make me feel.


April 17, 2016


That day will forever be in my memory as one of the best days ever!

My best friend, the love of my life asked me to merry him. It was a day that as always nothing goes as planned but in the end that didn’t matter. I didn’t see it coming and did not know that he was trying to do that all day.

we went down to the Outerbanks to enjoy a beautiful day. He had planned for weeks to do it that day. Of course I didn’t know that so I invited some of our friends to come with us to do some driving and see the Outerbanks. Afterwards he told me that he got worried that I invited friends. But luckily everyone was already busy that day.

While the sun was shining it was very windy. The wind was so strong that it made the air seem so cold. While we had the top down on the Jeep I was in two jackets with the heat on to stay warm. But it was worth it to see the sun shining down. It was such a cold spring this year (Although the summer when it did hit made up for that).

He wanted to do the beach; it was too windy. He wanted to go to the top of the lighthouse; it was too windy. We ended up at Jockey Ridge State Park. And that place was perfect. If you have never been there it has tons of sand dunes. It did a perfect job of blocking the wind. I have never seen him so nervous. I just couldn’t believe it!!!

We took several hours to ourselves before calling our families. I wanted just a few hours of peace before it all started.

It by far was one of the best days ever. Looking forward to marrying the love of my life. November 26th can’t come soon enough.

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Who do you Influence?

Who in your life has changed you? I think about some people I have met and it causes me to pause to think how different things would be if I hadn’t met that one person. Or made this one decision. Everything you do is worth something. You do influence people, and someone is watching. What positive influences will you make today on those around you?